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Every year the Belgian non-profit organisation Petits Riens/Spullenhulp organizes a massive fashion and design show. Well known designers like Delvaux, (Edouard Vermeulen) NatanDirk WynantsElvis Pompilio and a bunch of young Belgian talents are challenged to design new creations out of recycled materials and clothes. After the show, people can bid for two hours on the items while they are being displayed on big screens. Quentin de Coster, a Design student from Brussels, created ‘BRANCH’, a 3D printed handle that fits perfectly with a recycled umbrella.


In many cultures, the fox appears in folklore as a symbol of cunning and trickery. Like “Reynard the Fox”, a medieval charistmatic character who is always in trouble but always able to talk his way out of any retribution.
I like to be clever more often, too. Not to trick but to convince when it’s needed. Hope the fox reminds me about that.
The Fox Whistle can be used as a pendant, so it’s always to hand.

Gold Plated Brass Pendant, manufactured via i.materialise.com 3D printing service.

Pina Colada is a new sculpture by Parisian artist Ludo.

An edition of only 5 (SOLD OUT), this is Ludo’s most recent foray into the sculpture world, following up his popular Grapes of Wrath from last year.

3D printed in polyamide by i.materialise and beautifully finished by hand with spray paint.


This whistle is for commanding people you like! The lovely annyoing sound make them do what you want! “Bring a cup of tea!” or even “… a beer!”, they have to follow you orders. The whistle has a heart on it so they are not allowed be upset! Nevertheless, use it sensible and rule wisely!

Gold Plated Brass Pendant, manufactured via i.materialise.com 3D printing service.

Sulpted in Zbrush and painted afterwards. Printed by i.materialise.com.

(via PMC 3D Print)


After painstakingly recreating a digital model of the Satomobile from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Franky De Schouwer of i.materialise had printed it out in 3D! Just imagine how much more surprised I was to find out that this model was being exhibited at the 3D Printshow in London!